Ready to fly to Bari?
Here the names of the Bar Ladies finalists who will join the Lady Amarena contest during the Baritalia Hub.

Be inspired by the creativity of our Bar Ladies and go to check the RECIPES page.

* with a total value of € 1,000

The competition is open from 30th June to 11st August.
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You can then provide your details and upload your recipe.

Create your own recipe (even non-alcoholic)
with Amarena Fabbri fruit,
Amarena Fabbri syrup or Mixybar Amarena.

Remember that you can use up
to a total of 5 ingredients!
Upload a photo of your cocktail
to demonstrate the originality of your creation.

Once your recipe is approved,
you will receive a confirmation e-mail
and will then see it published
on the Recipes page.

Share it with all your friends!

You could be one of the finalists
to be hosted by Fabbri
and to participate in the contest at
the Baritalia Hub in Bari,
where the Lady Amarena 2017 will be announced.

So, what are you waiting for?
You have until 11st August to create your cocktail
and become the world’s Lady Amarena.